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Frequently Asked Questions

No, BetRebels Live Casino does not require downloading and it runs directly in your browser. To start playing you would only need to log in with your username and password and chose the game and table you wish to play.

For optimal performance we recommend:
- Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista or Windows 7.
- SVGA Graphics card capable of 800x600 resolution or higher.
- The latest version of your Internet browser - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.
- Adobe Flash Player Version 9 or later.
- Broadband Internet connection.

You do not need to transfer funds in order to play. When you log into the Live Casino your entire account balance will be available for you to use.

For your convenience you can check the game rules directly from the live table you are playing on via the help button marked with question mark (?).

The Live Casino is optimized to run on a broadband Internet connection and the quality of your connection has an influence on the quality of the video stream. It may be possible to run on slower connections but for the best user experience we do not recommend it.

If you are using a broadband connection but you are experiencing interruption and video freezing, you can try to improve the quality of the video stream by reducing the picture quality from the game menu; resizing your browser window to smaller and closing other windows.

The bets you have already placed will stand as valid and the game will continue. In Blackjack, if you are unable to reconnect in time to make a decision, your hand will be classed as "Stand" and the game will proceed. You can check the result of the hand from the "History" button in your live dealer game window.

In the unlikely event of a dealer's mistake the Pitboss will be called to the table. If the game can be continued fairly it will do so. Otherwise the game will be cancelled and all bets will be returned. More details on Game Irregularities can be found in the Casino Policy section.

The chat option is there for you to communicate with the dealers and the Pitboss. They are happy to chat and answer any game related questions that you may have. However abusive language or harassment is not tolerated and players who overstep the boundaries of good manners will have their chat privileges suspended.

For all game related questions, the Pitboss provides the answer on-line immediately. For all complaints that require further investigation, the Pitboss will send it to the relevant team and will provides query's references for you to follow up the response. For all account questions, personal and payment details, please contact BetRebels Support team, as neither the dealers nor the pit boss have any access to your account details.