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Roulette Irregularities

Incorrect number chosen

If player won due to the incorrect number chosen, the winnings have to be debited from his account. If player lost due to the mistake, the amount lost has to be refunded.

In other words, payoffs (debits or credits) have to be processed according to the real result (result shown on the video). Each player is notified in advance about any debit or credit.

Ball dropped out / ball landed before the time

Each player is notified in the Casino Live Chat about the irregularity and the way of resolving the situation - Pitboss follows re-spin procedure. The game result obtained following a re-spin is valid and the customers receive their payouts according to it.

Blackjack Irregularities

Bad scan

If there is any mistake caused by an incorrect scan, the game is cancelled (any bad scan that affected the result of the hand). Blackjack hand winnings are paid out.

Though some of bad scans may be resolved by re-scan - both, dealer and Pitboss notify the customers and the dealer proceed to re-scan each card from the beginning.

Incorrect card position

If the cards were scanned in order, but the dealer placed them incorrectly on the table the game is not cancelled; the cards are placed by the pit boss in the correct order. The customers are notified previously via Live Chat.

Connection dropped (on user's side)

The game continues; the Pitboss redirects the issue to Technical Department to clarify the reason of occurrence according to the customer's complaint.

Baccarat Irregularities

Bad scan

If there is any mistake caused by an incorrect scan, the game is cancelled (any bad scan that affected the result of the hand). The winnings are paid out if the real game result is known.

Table cleaned up before time

If the Dealer picked up the cards before the game is over in the system, the pit boss takes the cards back from the card tray one by one and place them again on the table. Game is not cancelled.

System credit - raises customer's balance

Stake only

Is carried out if an error leads to a game being cancelled. All players will receive their initial stake back by way of a credit. The refunds are processed automatically at the game cancel.

Stake plus winnings

Will be done if it's clear that the player would have won. (I.e. the player has Blackjack, but due to an error the hand had to be cancelled. In this case the player will receive a credit the same as if he had won the hand).

Same procedure is applied if incorrect winning number had been chosen by dealer at the roulette. The actual player's winning has to be refunded based on the actual game result (recorded by CCTV system).

System debit - lowers customer's balance

Initial stake & possible winning

Being processed by the Pitboss for roulette games in case of incorrect winning number chosen by dealer mistake only.

For Blackjack and Baccarat games - the game is over incorrectly as a result of wrong order of scanned cards AND the real game result is not known.


All of the games are played in real time with real dealers. The results are recorded electronically and all bets placed are settled automatically. You will see the cards shuffled in front of you.

All of our casino equipment, including roulette wheels and tables, is manufactured to the highest standard by a renowned company.


All of our dealers are trained to casino standard on all games. In order to minimize errors our computer systems will prompt the dealers when and how to act. You can also chat live with the dealers and they will respond to your questions.


There is currently one Pitboss for every 2 casino tables. The Pitbosses are trained to casino standards, with many of them having a background in land-based casinos. The Pitboss will monitor all game activity and chat at the tables to ensure fairness at all times.